Portashopper Folding Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Portashopper- Smashing Your Mobility Barriers

Now with free Swing-Out Footrests and Big Easy Kit - The Portashopper 3 Mark 3 Electric Wheelchair

This video will give you a brief run-down on the main features of our products..so it will be easier for you to choose.

$2,999.00 $3,795.00

Watch video to see which model will suite you best? 

FREE! $1000.00 worth of our unique patent pending accessories if you order before end of July - See what you get if you order now.

Quicklinks to our products 

Portashopper 1

Portashopper 2 

Portashopper 3 Mk3 - Click here

Portashopper Grand  Mk1 Click here

Portashopper Grand  Mk2

Portashopper SuperGrand Mk1 Click here

Portashopper SuperGrand Mk2 Click here

Portawheel Wheelchair Power Assist - Click here 

Portatrike Shoprider - Click Here

Portatrike Ranger - Click here

Portatrike 380 - Click Here

Portatrike 680 - Click here

Featherscoot-e - Click here

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