Portashopper Folding Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Portashopper- Smashing Your Mobility Barriers

Portashopper 3 Easiest Folding Electric Wheelchair Launch Special

Our latest model with more features than any other model - now on special including an Extra battery or a "Big Easy" Quickrelease kit so you only need to lift 12KG to get it into the car.

$2,749.00 $3,100.00

If your mobility issues are draining the joy from your life, and you are looking for a mobility aid that will help you realise your full potential for happiness and fulfilment, then we are certain you will find the perfect fit from among the different models of Portashopper wheelchairs we have developed over the last 2 1/2 years. Not only have we developed the most lightweight portable electric wheelchairs, but have also designed and engineered a range of highly innovative add-ons and accessories that will maximise the value and comfort you will gain from your investment.

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